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About Shelley


Crystal healing works on a deep subconscious level, allowing characteristics and emotions which have eroded our true path to lift and gently ease away. Crystal healing opens and evokes our hidden passions,  awakens the soul to reconnect with our bodies and minds. 


What I find fascinating about crystal healing is its power to help and to  nurture. It also  eases grief, depression, anxiety, menopausal symptoms, disempowerment to name but a few. I feel truly grateful working with crystals for healing, channeling their strength, love and support. My main objective is to put clients at ease and to give back their own  voice, be it a whisper carried on a breeze to a thundering roar. 


Working in the corporate world was thrilling and exciting when I was young, but there was an empty space that grew inside me. I went on to get married and have children leaving my old existence behind. Perhaps stepping into this nurturing environment became a stepping stone. A step closer to seek out a new path. I was fortunate to study with ACHO in Wales learning my craft with the support of my family. 



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2010 - present

2010 - present

What people say


“I heard about crystal healing of a friend. I never had been before, so I was curious. At the time I was quite low, I was going through a bad break. When I met Shelley I felt a sense of warmth and pure love straight away. So I felt relaxed. The session was very relaxing and peaceful. And the energy I could feel from the Crystals and Shelley was so lovely. Afterwards I felt amazing I felt stronger, my chackras were definitely unblocked and things became a lot more clearer, got a sense of clarity.

I booked in for a second session and that was even 10 times better, felt less anxious. More happier and at peace. Also the knowledge about food and organic things/ breast feeding because I had been a first time mom was brilliant. I could chat with Shelley all day, lovely lovely woman

So I would highly recommend Crystal healing 🙏" - Phil Co Kildare 

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