About Carmel


Carmel holds a BA (Hons) in Management, H-Dip in Psychology, Diploma in Counselling, Diploma in Life Coaching, Certificate in Stress Management and is a graduate member of the Psychological Society of Ireland.


She  is passionate about discovering ways of living a relaxed and productive life and then passing on what she has learned to others.


As a qualified Life Coach she has the skills to assist others in their pursuit of a better life. Through a process of asking powerful questions and using specialised techniques she helps clients to clarify what they really want. Each session ends with the client identifying two or three steps they want to take towards their goal(s). That way, even the largest goal becomes manageable and motivation is maintained.


When she worked as a Dental Nurse Carmel noticed that patients who approached treatment in a relaxed manner had easy and even pleasant visits, while highly stressed individuals experienced great difficulty. This prompted her to attend The Stress Management Institute of Ireland in 2001, where she trained as a relaxation and stress management therapist.

Carmel gains great satisfaction from providing clients with a place and opportunity to relax (sometimes for the first time in years). She shows them how to identify their stress triggers and provides them with techniques for dealing with them. Among the most popular techniques are '60-second stress busters' which can break the stress cycle in a single minute.


Carmel hated school as a child, so undertaking her first degree program in her mid-forties was quite an intimidating challenge! She prepared for it by spending the previous Summer discovering all she could about study skills – basically, ‘learning how to learn’. 

When she graduated three years later, at the top of her class and with a first class honours degree, she became passionate about passing on the study skills that had helped her so much.  She delights in helping adults who are preparing to return to learning or those already undertaking study, to obtain better results with the same (or even less) effort.


Carmel provides individual sessions and workshops in Life Coaching, Relaxation and Stress Management, Motivation and Study Skills for Adults.



Life Coaching 


Relaxation and Stress Management


Motivation and Study Skills for Adults

2010 - present

2010 - present

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