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About Carolina


Although I had used homoeopathy on and off for many years, I only became really interested and started studying it when I was pregnant with my first child.


I knew that I wanted a healthcare approach that saw a person as a whole being with many levels that are all connected. I found homoeopathy to be intellectual and logical, yet also very intuitive, spiritual and creative.


I love to learn and since finishing my degree from the Irish School of Homeopathy I have continued to deepen my knowledge and understanding of holistic health. I completed a post grad course and have been taking part in many inspiring workshops and seminars, with amongst others, world renowned homoeopath Rajan Sankaran. I am also trained as a CEASE Therapist, a therapy that works with people who suffer from the effects of toxin exposure and especially with children on the autistic spectrum.


Having used a lot of tinctures, on their own or in conjunction with homoeopathy I’ve become more and more fascinated with our own old wisdom of healing herbs. I am a passionate gardener and have now found a beautiful space where I have started to grow my own little medicinal herb garden.


I’ve witnessed many wonderful healing transformations and am always amazed and honoured to be able to help people regain their health. I am also very grateful to my patients who teach me more about homoeopathy and life than any seminar or course could ever do.






Initial Consultation - €80


Follow-up Sessions - €55


CEASE Therapy>>


Initial Consultation - €80


Follow-up Sessions - €55

2010 - present

What people say


"Carolina has been brilliant in helping my son who has suffered from a dust mite allergy since he was three. He has had some pretty severe attacks over the years where a cold would quickly go to his chest and manifest in an asthma like attack. We have managed to avoid inhalers and antibiotics for the most part thanks to Carolina’s advice and prescriptions both ongoing and specific in acute situations." Kate Park


"Carolina has been our family homeopath for the past year and a half.She has a good intuition, is very clear and has a lovely way of communicating with the kids. She is managing to solve one of the kid's health issues that had left our g.p.and other alternative practitioners bewildered. We're in good hands and appreciate her kindness, gentle listening and proactive positivity." Carmel Stephens


"Carolina is great. She has been my homoeopath for about three years. She treated me for my problems with dry skin, hay fever and exhaustion but especially for terrible tension and pains in my jaw that no doctor, orthodontist nor physiotherapist had been able to help me with. Carolina listens really well, always asks the right questions and since working with her I have no more problems with this. I’m really thrilled." Carolin Conrad


2010 - present

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