Ellie Meade


E-mail: meadeellen@gmail.com


Tel: 085-2252385


About Ellie


Ellie is a Rahanni Celestial Healing practitioner and Bio-Energy healing therapist.


Ellie is passionate about opening up the heart chakras of the people that she treats. She feels her purpose in this lifetime is to expand love on earth. Through her compassionate nature she facilitates healing with amazing results from a physical and emotional perspective.


She wishes to empower people to bring happiness into there everyday lives, for individuals to see there true potential and to love themselves for who they really are.


Ellie also works with Angels and light beings and sometimes receives guided messages for her clients.


Bio-Energy Therapy>>


60mins - €50


2010 - present

2010 - present

What people say


"Ellie administered four sessions of Bio-Energy on me. Before I started I gave Ellie a list of ailments that I had, they included back pain, hip pain, head and neck pain, knee pain and migraine. Even though I had my eyes closed and didn't know where or what part of my body Ellie was working on, I could feel the heat in certain parts of my body and I could feel the pain the pain leaving me. Now as I sit her I cannot feel the pain anywhere, this was amazing and it even helped me to sort things in my head out. I would certainly be recommending Bio-Energy to people and definitely Ellie Mead, she is so professional, caring, understanding and above all really good at what she does." 

Linda, Kildare 

"Dear Ellie, Thank you for your caring and reassuring Bio-Energy healing sessions. Two open heart surgeries left me mentally and physically drained. Your sessions increased my energy levels, encouraged me and raised my confidence greatly. In combination with my Physio work I am sleeping much better, my blood pressure has reduced to normal levels and my heart rate has begun to reach acceptable norms. I wish you all the best in this career and have no hesitation in recommending your healing sessions." 

Paddy, Kildare 

"Ellie is a compassionate, humble, caring and loving soul, with wisdom beyond her years. She has an innate gift for healing and assisting people on their own path. If you are looking for healing I would highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed!"

Yvonne, Dublin 

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