Gold Therapy



Gold Therapy is a first in Ireland and uniquely offers three healing modalities in one – physical, mind/emotions and beauty.


The experience feels like being massaged by the sun. The gold nuggets (which are ring shaped), used with organic plant oils are heated on a conductive heating tray to temperatures regulated for your comfort before your massage begins. You will also feel healing energy intuitively given by the therapist. This energy will lift your heart and many enter a deep state of ease and relaxation. It eases deep pain without causing discomfort!


The gold nuggets are guided constantly with specific movements and pressures on the meridian or energy pathways of the body. The Qi or energy, in your meridians absorbs heat from the heated nuggets and the healing light emitted from the gold. You will feel bathed in sunshine-like vibrations of deep heat. This specific heat is needed by all living organisms to stay alive, it’s so gentle, we are not aware of it and it is similar to the ‘feel good’ factor of solar energy.


Physically, gold moves heat deeply into your body and massages the muscles and fascia easing pain, stiffness and muscular tensions. It helps with osteoarthritis, rheumatism, sports injuries and wear and tear. The deep heat helps dry up dampness. The damp Irish climate depletes vital energy and causes pain for some! Gold therapy in this way benefits your circulation, digestion, respiratory, excretion and nervous system.


Mentally and emotionally a gold treatment brings about deep cellular relaxation and healing and especially good for stress, insomnia and energetic conditions experienced with overwork, M.E, M.S, Parkinson’s.


Thirdly, Gold Therapy rejuvenates and tones tired, lined or puffy skin and is a valuable support with any weight loss program. A three-in-one healing! Your free consultation addresses your needs beforehand.

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