Kundalini Yoga



Kundalini yoga is an inner yoga, it is the yoga of awareness and awakening. 


Through a set of physical exercises (kriya), breath-work (pranayam), meditation, mantra and relaxation you come to a place of stillness (shuniya). 


In this place you meet your true self and the façade of who you are in everyday life - the critical, competitive, I am this or that starts to shed.  


The regular practice of Kundalini Yoga moves you to live from this divine place.  It is a life-changing journey that will enable you to become more present, to live your life in a much deeper, soulful way without effort or thought.  It can fine-tune your awareness of yourself and the subtle energies that revolve around your relationship with others and your environment.  


It will enable you to trust your own inner wisdom. 

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