About Myla



Myla is fully qualified Neuromuscular Physical Therapist (NMT) from National Training Centre Dublin.

A Bachelor of Science of Physical Therapy graduate from the Philippines.

What is Neuromuscular Physical therapy?

It offers a Special focus on acute and chronic pain including musculoskeletal injuries related to physical activities.

It is an hour of Therapy combined with Manual Therapy (Massage and Stretching) and Physical Therapy techs to Release tight and painful muscles.

Musculoskeletal injuries like

  • Neck Pain (Torticollis, Stiff Necks)

  • Shoulder Pain (Adhesive Capsulitis, Frozen Shoulder etc.)

  • Back Pain (Low back pain, Sciatica, Hamstring Tightness etc.)

  • Elbow pain conditions (Golfers and Tennis Elbow condition, tendinitis)

  • Foot pain (Shin Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Ankle injuries such as Inversion Sprain and strain)

  • Repetitive Trauma

  • Post Op Rehab Care of Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke), Knee and Ankle Surgery

  • Sport Related Conditions (Quads tightness. Hamstring tightness etc.)

Orthopedic Sports Massage Therapy

  • Pre-and Post Event Massage on the site of Sports Activities

  • Tapping and Strapping

  • On Call Sports Massage therapist Thomas David GAA Football Tallaght, Dublin

  • Holistic Massage Therapy

  • Relaxation Massage


Spinal Manipulation therapy

With the Knowledge and Skills, she develops a Rehab Care plan tailored for the said Patient for faster Recovery and Back to Activities of Daily Living.


Sport Massage>>

60 mins - €60

45 mins - €50

Deep Tissue Massage>> 

60 mins - €60

Physical Therapy>>

45 mins - €55

60mins - €65

Pregnancy Massage>>

60 mins - €60

2010 - present

2010 - present

What people say


"Myla is Great Therapist. She knows how to combined techniques  just to release my Tight Hamstrings. I’ve been with her since my Secondary school football matches until now I am playing with Dublin team."

 -Oisin Plays for Football Dublin under 21.

"Myla Knows her work pretty well. I was suffering for Severe Low back pain for years. I’ve been to lot of therapist. And I would say I found the Best in Kildare."

-Eugene (Suffering very bad back for more than 10 years)


Website: www.mylaphysicaltherapy.wordpress.com

FB page: Pain and Rehab Care

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