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About Olivier

Olivier is a gifted and dedicated healer, deeply spiritual and passionate about helping others.


Olivier discovered his gift of healing at the age of nineteen, following an intense Yoga practice with a master in France. Following a successful career in the healthcare industry, Olivier decided to fully embrace his gift and engage with his true life purpose. Olivier has spent considerable time developing his skills as a healer, undertaking various courses, attending workshops with other practitioners, but mainly though the interaction with his clients that Olivier considers to be his greatest teachers.


Olivier dedicates most of his time to work as a healer, offering sessions in Ireland, Luxembourg, France and the USA. He also works from the distance with a large number of clients all over the World, including Mainland Europe, Africa, India, Australia, Japan and the USA.

Clients visit Olivier for numerous reasons, ranging from the physical, the emotional or the psychological to the spiritual. Among others, Olivier has successfully treated muscular and back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, fertility issues, vertigo, chronic fatigue, rashes, herpes, anxiety and hepatitis.


Olivier is involved in promoting natural ways to restore health. He actively contributes in raising awareness as a trustee of the Foundation of Integrative Medicine in Ireland, encouraging different approaches to enhance health and develop greater self-awareness.

Olivier is also the Co-Owner of Naas Holistic Centre, one of the most successful holistic clinic in Ireland, which offers a very large range of alternative therapies with over 50 therapists, as well hosting regular international workshops and certifying courses.

Olivier is now also involved more and more in training people all over the world to help them discover their own gift and tap into their unlimited potential.



Spiritual Healing>>


90mins - €80

House Energy / Space Clearing>>

Minimum of €100

2010 - present

2010 - present

What people say


"There is no price on what you do Olivier. No amount of money could represent your gift,  its priceless. I am pain free for first time in months and I feel reenergised. Remarkable thank you so much." Anne, Co Dublin - Ireland


"Our session transformed me and transported me." Giannina F., Los Angeles, USA


"I felt like I left behind a huge weight, I felt as light as air, happy, relaxed and new." Tracy B., Co Louth, Ireland


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