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About Sabine


Sabine is a qualified TaiChi & QiGong Teacher, she studied it for 3 years with the Universal Energy Arts Academy and has been practicing TaiChi & QiGong for 6 years now.


The benefits of TaiChi and QiGong are countless:.Improved balance, increased level of energy,reduce any pain in the body, reduce any stress and anxiety, strengthen the body, on a physical, emotional, mental level. Sabine is really passionate about spreading these arts on the planet, and empower people to live a healthier and happier life by taking control of it.

Sabine runs weekly classes in the Studio of the Naas Holistic Centre and in Naas.


After studying TaiChi and QiGong, Sabine very naturally felt the energy going through and around her, and decided to learn the Celestial Rahanni Healing technique, which is really gentle but a profound hands on - energy healing and also Kundalini Reiki which is a faster and strong healing modality.

Sabine is available in the Naas Holistic Centre by appointment.


Sabine has been classically trained in music and has been singing in many choirs in Europe for years, and discovered another aspect of the voice she wouldn’t have thought of.

During her TaiChi & QiGong Teacher Training, she discovered the healing power of the voice through the use of Mantra Chanting and by combining the sound produced by the voice, with QiGong practice, it has the power to clear the auric field in unimaginable ways, remove any blockages of energy, tame the mind, and bring inner peace. Sabine runs monthly Chanting meditation in the Studio of the Naas Holistic Centre.


Sound has been used for thousands of years to heal people to bring people from a place of imbalance to a balanced one, whether through the use of the voice or with instruments.


With her musical background, and her passion for the voice work, she has naturally been attracted by the amazing power of Tibetan bowls, fascinating ancestral instruments, and is qualified as a sound healing practitioner, and is also qualified in Anatomy & Physiology ITEC level 3.

The sound and vibration of the Tibetan bowls will help you to bring harmony back in your body.


Here are some benefits of the sound healing therapy :

physical and emotional healing process, deep relaxation, stimulation of skin, organs, bones (proven very positive effect on fractures etc.), removal of blocks and tensions, eliminates toxins from the body, respiration, heartbeat, pulse, blood pressure, metabolism and digestive system regeneration, non-invasive but still strong sound frequency streams into the whole body, complete re-generation of Aura, blood circulation improvement, better immune system, reduce stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, pain and autism..


After she experienced herself a terrible sickness a couple of years ago, Sabine really gets what it is to be in terrible pain, and feeling powerless regarding one’s health situation, with her compassionate heart, she is dedicated to help people to empower themselves, to regain balance and to heal themselves on mind, body, and spirit level.


Don't hesitate to contact her to book a session or to enquire about her classes/workshops.


​Sabine Florian


087 2462129



Weekly classes :


TaiChi&QiGong classes : Thursday morning 10-11:30am in the Studio of the Naas Holistic Centre – 90mns - € 15 ( other classes available in Naas)


Monthly event :


Chanting Meditation usually the 3rd Thursday of the month 8-9:30pm in the Studio of the Naas Holistic Centre – 90mns - €15

 Workshops :


  every 2 – 3 months usually on a Sunday 10am-5pm in the Studio of the Naas Holistic Centre - €70

Therapies / Classes


Rahanni Celestial Healing>>

60mins - €60

75 mns- 90mns  – €70

Tibetan Bowls Sound Healing>>

60mins – €60


2 sessions of 60 mins – €110


Kundalini Reiki


60mins - €50

Chanting Meditation>>


90mins - €15

TaiChi & QiGong classes

90mins - €15




2010 - present

2010 - present

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