About Seamus

Séamus is a Certified Mind Coach and Licensed Practitioner of NLP. He is passionate about helping people personally & professionally to find their path in life from where they have been in the past or where they are now, to more forward into a happy and healthy future.

Séamus previously worked for 20 years in the Electrical and Engineering sector of the Construction Industry as a qualified Electrician, his journey into Mind Coaching started back in 2015 after returning from travelling New Zealand for 6 months, he found himself losing interest in his profession as an Electrician and wanted to pursue a new and different career.

This led Séamus to seek advice from a Life & Business Coach who had also studied NLP and intrigued by what Séamus found out during a session with the coach, he decided to study Mind Coaching with the Irish Institute of NLP.

Séamus works with clients in the area of Life and Career Transition. With so much choice out there these days, more and more people are deciding that where they are now in their life may not be the place they see is right for them in the future and now feel it is the time to following their dreams.

Mind Coaching helps you deal with what may be holding you back, so you can move forward with a firm, clear and resonant long-term plan.

Séamus assists his clients in Life and Career Transitions to:

  • Overcome Anxiety.

  • Build Empowering Beliefs.

  • Change Limiting Beliefs.

  • Establish Confidence.

  • Conquer Fears & Phobias.

  • And Help with Dyslexia.

If there is something not listed above that you wish to overcome, please contact Séamus and he will endeavour to help or assist you.



Mind Coaching Session>>


90mins – 2 hours


€80 – €120 per hour depending on the client’s specific requirements.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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