Shamanic and Transpersonal Healing

The medicine wheel working with the 8 directions.

Soul loss and retrieval.

Journey's to connect with a power animal and spirit guides.

How to establish a place of power/sanctuary.

How to live soul centred and contribute.

Clearing ancestral lines.



Shamanism was being practised all over the globe well before our current technologies of communication were possible, today it is seen as an ancient collection of traditions and is the most ancient spiritual and healing practice known to humanity it dates back to over 100,000 years. How shamanism works basically is we access and connect to non-ordinary states and enter spirit realms to seek wisdom and healing.

In my humble opinion a major separation from Spirit has occurred in humankind during the course of our evolution we have seemed to have reached a level of disconnection from meaning and our souls/spirits are starving which in turn causes us to feel miserable, low, anxious or dissatisfied and unfulfilled we are beings that need something to believe in, we like to make sense of how our universe works, and how/where do we fit in.

Shamanism provides an opportunity to figure this out via direct and experiential connection to Spirit/Source Energy through ceremony and ritual and once we get connect it then becomes “no question about where, why, or how we fit into life”, once this path is followed because having a direct connection to Spirit is empowering, today there still is discussion in mental health circles as to whether or not it is OK to talk about or include spirituality will searching for meaning as a practicing psychotherapist I believe it is the most important ingredient for the process of healing.


Any shamanic journey is always performed in a ceremonial context there is a variety of ways to avail of shamanic healing and these are just a few I offer.

Counselling and transpersonal healing.

This is a type of talk therapy where we will journey with and be open to the ebb and flow of energetic experiences from the inner and outer worlds of our psyche which we will include your Memories, Dreams, Reflections as the shamanic approach believes our souls can work through problems by communicating to us through images, the soul allows our physical self to witness and we can learn new facts, gain a new understanding of our behaviours when we deeply reflect on what we are being shown and often a resolution can be achieved.


This is a ceremony of your life map where we journey from birth to old age using the 8 directions of the compass, this is used as a reminder that if we want to live positive, authentic and contributing lives we need to address all aspects. We start in the East when we were born the spirit body and travel through to the S/East the South were patterns developed mostly unconscious to the S/West to the West looking at what supports we have or need in our lives to heal and start to focus on the life we what to live not the one we are living, to the N/West on to the North were we will do a drum journeys to meet the older self the further you who have taken this enlightened path and we ask questions. My personal and professional experience with the medicine wheel has to be a very powerful experience.


Soul loss is the most extreme yet, sadly, still a common cause of illness. Soul loss is most often experienced after a traumatic experience takes place, I am sure you have heard people say things like, “I have not been the same since the incident,” or “a part of me died that day.”  These remarks are red flags for soul loss, it is the most serious diagnosis and a major cause of severe illness and even premature death.

In modern-day terms, this is linked to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, these causes can be the likes of a bitter relationship break up, intense bullying, major surgery or physical-emotional psychological finical spiritual abuse. In some cases, these experiences can be so shattering that one’s soul can begin to fragment and dissociate, the following symptoms are commonly present when this happens to us. Feeling “not all here,” or fragmented, blocked memory, emotional distance, or complete apathy, a lack of joy, motivation, or enthusiasm, addiction, suicidal tendencies, chronic depression and negativity.

If you feel you are suffering from anything above and would like to do a soul retrieval its best you arrange an appointment and I can walk and talk you through what is needed to be done during a soul retrieval session.

Journey's to connect with a power animal and spirit guides

This is a therapeutic technique that is used to connect with the different spiritual layers and a journey to meet a spirit guide or power animal can be very powerful. Power animals exist in the lower world and spirit guides exist in the upper world power animals are nurturing, loving, cherishing creatures and Spirit guides are teachers, they are our advisors and counsellors when we make a connection with them both we can call upon them in times of stress or simply to ask for advice and direction.

How to establish a place of power/sanctuary?

This is used to achieve the full potential of mental power to feel at home and to connect with forces we do not fully understand but we know they are here to help us on our life quest. This place is sacred while here in our mind we communicate with our power animals and guides to seek guidance or to simply recharge, this place gives us access to earth, light, and a safe place to reflect upon deeper emotionally challenging work we need to do to move towards healing. 

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