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Cathy, a Kildare native, is a movement based expressive arts practitioner, chakradance facilitator and reiki master with over 10 years experience and training in various healing modalities.  
She has been attending weekly classes and workshops in movement meditation alongside voice work, art therapy, dance therapy, art in the community, dance performances, dance film, expressive arts therapy and energy healing work during this time. Through these practices, she has been dedicated to developing personally and professionally which has allowed her to support herself in moving through challenging life experiences and emotions.   This commitment has brought her all over the world and culminated in four years of professional training in movement based expressive arts therapy and education, from the internationally renowned Tamalpa Institute in California.  
Cathy has always been creative, alongside having a lifelong interest in the moving body enriched by her participation in athletics from a very young age. With an honours degree in Recreation and Leisure Management followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Exercise Physiology from Trinity College Dublin, she managed a substantial community led sports centre in Naas for 16 years giving her a wealth of experience and knowledge.   
In early 2006, Cathy dived deeply into her healing journey and began to discover the ways in which the body, mind and emotions are interconnected and how healing and transformation can occur. She began to explore expressive dance movement alongside various other expressive art forms and healing modalities and continues to reap the emotional and physical benefits of all these practices.  
As a fully qualified expressive arts practitioner, chakradance facilitator and reiki master, Cathy is creatively sharing her skills, knowledge and experience by offering unique classes, workshops and individual sessions to those who are looking to reduce stress and bring about healing and transformation. She believes that everyone has the power to heal themselves and everyone heals in their own time and in their own way. Cathy offers a gentle approach and an opportunity for people to connect to their physical bodies, connect to their feelings and emotions, connect to their creativity and connect to others in a safe and supported way. She guides people to find ways to gently go within and connect to that deeper part of themselves and listen to and honour what it has to say, bringing about healing and nourishment from the inside out. 



Individual sessions Chakradance / Reiki / Expressive Arts

 €55 per hour

Classes and workshops - prices vary depending on the workshop or class.

What people say


"I loved the chakradance class. I felt very rejuvenated and free, and like I had been away on holiday. It's a very deep experience of connecting within. Cathy made space for us to feel very safe and calm. She's an amazing facilitator. Thank you!" 
“I felt free and at peace” 
“I felt relaxed and recharged” 
“I thoroughly enjoyed the 5 week Mindfulness and Mandala course. It gave me space to unwind, relax, recharge and be creative. I would recommend it to anyone who would like an hour to chill out and do something different” 
“Chakradance expresses outwardly and impresses inwardly. My first Chakradance took me on an inner voyage that was colourful, vibrant, empowering and inspiring” 
“Cathy held a beautiful space that allowed my energy to open and flow” 

2010 - present

2010 - present

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