Offering - Online:

Ashtanga Led Practice & Kundalini Aquarian Sadhana Yoga Class Monthly Package - led by Petra Gordon



Group Classes - Streaming LIVE from the Santa Monica Mountains in California


Monthly Pass includes 4 x LIVE classes weekly (plus recordings to catch on replay)


This program is good for: 

  • bringing the gifts of yoga into your daily life

  • more life energy

  • balanced and strong nervous system

  • stress reduction

  • trauma recovery

  • improved immunity

  • greater focus / brain function

  • mental and emotional wellbeing

  • addressing different life stages

  • recovering from injuries

  • working with physical mobility and strength

  • finding  ease with chronic illness


Petra Gordon is from Heidelberg in Germany and lives in the Santa Monica Mountains in California. She is a Yogi, a Mother, a Free Spirit, an Adventurer. She has practiced and experienced many aspects of yoga and meditation in retreats in India and in daily life for over two decades. She leads her life in the yogic tradition and teaches from her true natural self. She has been blessed by her Guru to share the ancient wisdom and continues to study in India and the West.


Weekly Schedule:


Ashtanga Yoga Led Practice - 1 hr 15 min:

This practice includes modified sequencing from the traditional primary series with suggestions on personal modification when needed and pranayama. It is a breath based dynamic class and great for all people who have done a little yoga asana (postures) before.


Mondays & Wednesdays LIVE CLASS 5:30 pm GMT / 9:30 am PT

Fridays LIVE CLASS 6:30pm GMT / 10:30am PT / 1.30pm EST


Kundalini Aquarian Sadhana-Meditation and Chanting - 1 hr:

This meditation with chanting is a high vibrational ancient spiritual practice (sadhana). It is uplifting and brings peace to the heart. The power of this meditation is multiplied by the number of participating meditators. Good for all levels.


Wednesdays LIVE CLASS 2:30 pm GMT/ 6:30 am PT / 9.30am EST


What people say:


Petra has been an incredible teacher and has taught me so much about Ashtanga yoga. Not only has she done a wonderful job at teaching me the primary series, but also has been so motivating and inspirational to me in developing a home yoga practice, as well as integrating yoga into everyday life. Her customized program is so helpful in achieving specific goals. She is observant and helpful during private and group classes, and does a great job of explaining asana, modifications, and adjustments - which I'm sure can be difficult over Zoom!


Alex B, Texas


I have been seeing Petra Gordon as a yogi for two years now and she has truly changed my life for the better! I try to practice with her 3 times per week. I love her gentle but powerful nature that motivates me to get stronger every session. She has inspired me to not only practice Ashtanga better but to work better, eat healthier and exercise more. I’m in the best shape mentally and physically in my life and I just turned 50! Even during this pandemic she makes her students feel connected to one another in our online classes and we all continue to grow. Yoga feels more like practicing with the family now it’s so amazing and it never gets dull only more exciting.


Jo D., Malibu, CA


I call Petra my Yoga Guru. Her energy is that of a teacher and also of a compassionate and wise tribeswoman. She creates a beautiful and accepting space, sharing the wisdom of Ashtanga practice, naturally creating community with her classes. My practice and her support have seen me through some very challenging times of life, upheaval and ill health, and her teachings have supported me through it all along my path to wellness.


Nicole L., California


Petra has been my wake-up call for inner peace and serenity for many many years.


Kelly M., Malibu


I started taking Petra's online courses in March. I haven't had any yoga experience. I found my way around the positions very quickly and my yoga time with Petra is now firmly integrated into my daily routine. It is a wonderful experience to be connected through this yoga time with people who live thousands of miles away.


Sabine W., Germany


Petra teaches from the heart. Her teaching reflects years of experience and wisdom gained from a deep immersion in this work. Her authenticity and keen observation of where her students are at helps to make our practice more relatable and empowering.  Many years I have taken yoga classes and meditation classes with Petra. Her teaching style and positivity keep me coming back for more. I look forward to my weekly Kundalini meditation class with Petra. I love her presentation of these ancient teachings and her upbeat expression of this wisdom. She is a most wonderful teacher!



Mo W, Topanga


"I really enjoy the arc of the class, and how each section focuses on specific muscle groups and forms.  Through the structure of the class, I am able to really explore what my own body is telling me, and adjust my practice accordingly.  Petra's concise direction allows me to quickly adjust to any given form and helps visualize what the position and breathing ought to be.   But most important, Petra's direction and kindness make for a class that leaves me feeling invigorated, focused, and yet calm in spirit. It has been a significant highlight in this strange and challenging year."


Jon M, California


I've taken yoga classes for many years at different studios, but never really practiced at home. When the quarantine began, I decided it was time to have a home practice, and being able to participate in Petra's class on a regular basis has been such a boost for my overall wellbeing, especially during this time. Petra is clear in her instruction, so that even if some of the poses were new to me, Petra's explanations helped me understand how to approach the poses, even online. I also enjoy the introduction to each class with a short lesson in yogic philosophy. I highly recommend Petra as a yoga teacher! 


Tina G., California




Ashtanga & Kundalini Aquarian Sadhana Yoga Package


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