Children's Audio - Power of Positive Words MP3

Children's Power of Words (MP3 Audio) by Veronica Byrne



To learn 'positive language' is the same as learning any other language.

The earlier a child begins to learn a new language, the more fluent they become. After one month of playing this audio to your child on a daily basis (at bedtime) you will begin to see and hear a difference in how he/she uses this new 'positive language'.


Children instinctively see the world as a very positive place but as they grow they will be exposed to the challenges of life. We would love to screen and protect our children from all negative influences but unfortunately we cannot. However, we can reduce the impact of negative messaging by replacing it with positive reinforcement by identifying the strengths our children have to offer and assisting them to express their gratitude for what life has already given them, through gentle affirmations while they sleep.


All the top successful people in the world, (e.g. athletes, business people, entertainment people etc...) use positive thought process to reach and fulfil their goals. Why not give your child a head start?


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