Embodied Freedom for Women - One to One Session

Duration: 60-90 minutes 


Media: Zoom Online or in person 


Embodied Freedom For Women - Somatics Movement 

Return To Your Truth, Ignite YOUR Internal Fire With Comfort and Ease


Georgina explains what to expect from your one to one somatic movement session:


I am dedicated to sharing daily practices for women that deliver connection and joy - a choice to return harmony and renewal of their body, mind and spirit.


Looking at what is now accepted as a normal way of being for most it does not surprise me that overwhelm, stress, fatigue and lots of physical pain has become a large part of that. The unfortunate thing is one forgets how to return to calm, take ownership of the power of choice and take care of one's total being.


My focus is always a whole body, whole person, approach to wellness. I believe addressing multiple aspects of health is where one can enjoy a transformative experience in living that is sustainable and keeps one connected to the joy of simply being.


The practices I facilitate with my students are tailor made, uncovering signature programs to support and guide each client to find their own individual blueprint, so they can learn to tune into what will bring them optimal health on each new day.


In 1:1 sessions We start with self observation of how the physical body is in that moment. Having established a sense of safety we explore functional movement of the physical body; what's moving well and what is not moving well. By improving movement in one area, one will notice how that improvement echoes through the entire body inviting more positive changes to take place.,ease of movement, less physical pain and emotional pain,improved breathing, digestion, ability to think clearly and be less reactive to daily triggers and stimulus.


Ultimately establishing a life less driven by fight or flight response, recognising and releasing holding patterns and chronic pain resulting from injury, stress and habituated postures. Addressing functional needs to reduce physical limitations of one's body is a very safe and profound way into a sense of safety within oneself, feeling liberated to let go into self-healing, self-correcting, self -sensing, self -compassion, self-awareness.


You will experience an effortless surrender into resolve, to allow your mind rest, your physical body unravel, soften and truly relax in all the ways you may have forgotten.


Sessions typically invite one into a sense of having returned to a depth of calm, peace and knowing, this you bring with you, giving yourself the experience of being truly present and quietly confident within yourself. During your sessions you will also learn daily practices specific to your needs that you can easily incorporate into your daily living so your self-learning continues effortlessly on a daily basis.

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