"The Eye of the Storm" - Stillness Within Workshop


An online workshop experience for embodied presence and healing, faciliated by Don McGinnis & Yvonne Skelly.


When:       Sunday 16th May

                    6.00pm-8.00pm GMT / 10.00am-12.00pm PST

Platform: Online


About this workshop experience....

We are currently experiencing massive global change and seismic shifts which are challenging many individuals, even those on the 'spiritual' journey for a long time. Now more than ever it is essential to stay fully present and to remain aligned with our inner wisdom and innate calm. This workshop is designed to support you on this journey back to stillness, knowing that it is from this point that we can navigate the perceived chaos with relative ease and grace.


This workshop births a collaboration between Yvonne & Don which blends gentle movement & presence of Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga traditions with guided meditative healing transmissions.


During this two-hour online workshop Yvonne & Don shall gently guide you through your heart, solar plexus & root chakra to restore balance, presence and invite expansion into your being.


The investment in this workshop is €50 / $75


More About Don:

Decades of training and experience in spiritual and embodied practice has led to a depth of appreciation for our innate wisdom and strength.  Variously trained in Polarity Therapy, Yoga Therapy, Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga and the Hakomi Method. Don has led classes, workshops and retreats to assist us into a grounded presence.

In the helping profession for four decades, Don's main role has been educator, from the latin ‘educare’ to bring forth the wisdom from within.  In 2004, he was key in bringing the Insight Training, ‘Awakening the Heart’ seminar to Vancouver, Canada. Don has also run several wonderful weekend retreats, using the practices of Kum Nye and Loving Presence to assist our deepening into Presence.

These days, he is practicing and teaching Kum Nye, and offering individual body-centered sessions. He has recently completed hosting five seasons (60 shows) on Awake TV Network, all centered around the practice of Kum Nye. It is his joy is to serve through presence. Don is profoundly aware that this is a time in our history where we all play a vital part in shaping our future, as so he wishes to play my part and inspire others to do the same.

More About Yvonne:

Yvonne can be described as a Visionary Leader, Dreamer, Truth Seeker, Spiritual Counsellor, Writer, Joyful Healing Explorer.


Yvonne, a native of Dublin, Ireland, has dedicated her life to being in service to humanity at this time. She works with individuals and groups blending sacred sound, intuitive meditation and healing codes and frequencies. She helps people to overcome life challenges by removing the barriers within to access their own inner essence to create a more empowered, joyful life.

She is the visionary Owner & Director of Naas Holistic Centre in Ireland, a wellness centre holding a philosophy of Co-Creation, Collaboration & Community, bringing together many holistic therapists, in addition to internationally acclaimed therapists and way showers offering their unique therapies and workshops, both in person and online. Yvonne is the host of the Celtic Heart Wisdom Show on Awake TV Network, a show that aims to share to wisdoms, insights, healings and activations within the people, energy portals and lands of Ireland with a more global audience.


"Eye of the Storm" - Stillness Within Workshop