InPowered Men's Group - One Week Pass

When:  Thursdays 6.30pm-8.00pm (can arrive for 6.15pm to settle in!)

Where: Our Studio Space, Moat Mall, Naas

Facilitator: Jonathan Fitzsimons 


Jonathan explains why you might benefit from attending an InPowered Men's Group:


A lot of men are confused about why men’s groups even exist? What is the point?


To me it's simple, we as men are thought to never show emotion or feel, its been drilled into us and our dads and their dads. It's just the way it was...


For a lot of men, the only real opening up is when there is drink or drugs involved and this becomes a problem because when a guy faces the unavoidable adversities of life, they realize that they don’t have many healthy outlets. This creates a lot of pressure so the guys eventually burn out, blow up, or meltdown.


Even the strongest men out there hit tough times and struggle to cope. You would never know because we tend to keep it private, but it’s real. The stats show that anxiety, depression, overwhelm, paralysis and self-doubt plague some of our best men out there.

Instead of that route, lots of men choose to meet in private where they won’t be scrutinized for being honest, emotional or supportive with one another. This is why so many men choose to join a men’s group.


How Does This InPowered Men’s Group Work?


It works a lot like it sounds – men sit in a group and talk about life.

Once the meeting starts, we will get everyone to introduce himself to the group. Jonathan will also explain a little about a topic for the week and drop into a little bit of breathwork.


Then the group members will give personal updates one by one. Each guy will have the opportunity to say “this is how my week went. Here’s how I’m feeling about it.” The group mates respond with empathy and may ask clarifying questions.


These conversations are engaging, moving, and highly impactful for everyone involved – even those who are just listening in.


This consumes the majority of the meeting time with some guys diving into sensitive matters such as relationships, health, wealth, career and more.


Together we activate that inner warrior, confidence & comradery, and dissolve the inner worrier as individuals and as a unit. 


Across the board it seems like men’s circles lead to the following:

  • Feel Happier: people just feel better when they have the opportunity to talk through things.
  • Saving time & energy: the fastest way to progress is to ask someone who’s already done it. The slowest? Going it alone, man.
  • Take the weight off your shoulders: vent in a safe space so that you don’t explode elsewhere.
  • See more success:  you will become more successful with other guys at your back to guide you and offer advice.
  • A better parent and partner: it’s not just you that benefits from a men’s circle!
  • Life-long friendships:  These guys will have your back. Friendships happen naturally.
  • Motivation: being around other guys who are inspired to grow and are doing it is super motivating.
  • More emotionally intelligent:  learn more about your emotions and how to work better with them.
  • Meaning: being there for your men’s circle mates just feels good.


And there are more. You’ll just have to check out for yourself!!  Only 8 spaces are available for this group.


About Jonathan:
Facilitator of Change/Transformation.  Jonathan is an Healer, Energy Coach, Teacher & Master IET therapist.


‘There’s always a root and we just gotta find, feel, deal, heal & integrate as we go through life. Everyday is a school day & every experience learning one’. - J Fitzsimons


3 Einstein Quotes that captures his street smart with heart no bs approach to growth, change, healing and transformation.


'You cannot solve the problem on the same level of consciousness that created it’


‘Everything is Energy, this is not philosophy, it’s physics!’


‘The definition of insanity is doing the same thing everyday & expecting different results’


Jonathan is a student of life and has been on a journey of self discovery for 10 years.


He used to be a plumber. He work now, in one form or another, is teaching people how to develop self mastery using what he’s learned and fast tracking or accelerating their process by getting straight to the root.


Feeling. Dealing. Healing.

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