Duration: 60 minutes

Starts: On-going

Platform: Online


Once booked, Trish will be in touch to arrange a time/date & online platform that works for you.


In this 60 min online session Trish Coole, who is based in Perth Austrailla, encourages you to find that inner core, feel safe, explore, find your passion and live a full and purposeful life by using easy, manageable and fun techniques.


She will tune into your energy field and help you to dive into areas of sabotage, recognise patterns and beliefs that are obstructing you from realising an even more amazing life and let go of the feelings of aimlessness and find direction.


What people say:

"Trish was the Universe’s answer to my prayers. I had been wanting to get to the root of the major blocks that are holding me back in certain areas of my life, and Trish helped me to bust through each one of them, even getting to the bottom of a block that I had thought I had cleared on my own, but hadn’t gone deep enough. I have been absolutely blown away by the results. It has been life-changing for me"

Keeley Nicholls


"Hi, I’m Romet from Estonia, Europe. I’ve been on the personal development journey for over 5 years and I had reached to the point where I had huge information overdose and confusion… and because of confusion I procrastinated all my ventures and felt guilt deep inside. I had 3 coaching sessions with Trish and as a result the whole puzzle (which was a mess before) went into place. She helped me to connect the dots and see things from another perspective, which all led to inner clarity, peace of mind and action. She gave me the tools I never heard of, asked questions I’ve never thought of and gave me insights on deeper level of understanding things. Plus it is such a fun and joy to talk, laugh & grow together with Trish."


About Trish:

Having been in the healing and metaphysical space for over 20 years Trish has been able to fine-tune her skills to be able to support people through the healing process, She is a certified Mindset and Law of Attraction coach, and may also use other tools including, Tapping, Sound, Crystals, Meditation, Essential Oils and Ceremony during her sessions and classes.

She holds a safe space for change to happen and guides you so that you can see issues from a different perspective, clear resistance, old woundings and any blocks that don’t honour you any more and then gain clarity for your life path.

This is about helping you to find your power and to learn to harmonise with your true energy, which then helps you to create a fulfilled and purposeful life.



Healing with Trish Coole - Finding Your Direction


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