Online One to One reading with Fredrik Haglund, Swedish Medium


Psychic reading:

A psychic reading is different from an Evidential/spiritual reading as the psychic will link with the energy of the recipient. They link with your energy and aura field to pick up detail regarding what’s going on in your life and how to help and guide you further on. The sitting is about you and it happens that the spirit world is coming forward with a message too.


Evidential reading:

An evidential reading is when the medium connects to a loved one or a friend in the Spirit world. The medium will bring evidence of your loved one so you know that they are still a part of your life.No guarantees is given that is the person you want to come forward is coming.


Readings are 30 minutes in duration, once booked Fredrik will be in touch to organise the best online platform for your reading and the date/time.


Online Mediumship Reading with Fredrik Haglund


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