• Power of Being: Journey with Medicine Wheel & Nature Elements (4 weeks workshop)

    Duration: 4 weeks workshop

    Start Date: Sunday, July 19th and weekly there after for the remaining 3 weeks 

    Time: 11:00am

    Platform: Zoom

    Watch Trish talk about this course HERE



    THE POWER OF BEING - Overview

    Journey with the Medicine Wheel & the Elements to find your direction - an online four week journey with Trish Coole from Coole Balance, live streamed via Zoom from Perth Austraila


    Commencing Sunday 5th July, 11.00am GMT / 6pm Perth time - and weekly thereafter for three more weeks


    In this 4 week adventure we will:


    Week One


    • Work with the Air Realm and the Direction of the West where we set our intention for the course and look at the mind, self talk, patterns and new beginnings


    Week Two


    • Work with the Fire Realm and the Direction of the South where we look at boundaries, what is truly important to you, what needs to be destroyed.


    Week Three


    • Time for the Water Realm and the Direction of the West where we see where we may need to let go, be more malleable. This is a place of introspection and recognising the mystery and unlimited potential that lies within.


    Week Four


    • The Earth Realm and Direction of the North call us to connect to the wisdom of our ancestors and All That Is and bring the bigger picture of ourselves into the physical. The Path of finding wisdom.



    • There will be weekly teaching Zoom calls, which will be recorded if you can’t make the session.
    • Worksheets for sessions
    • Private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share.
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