Duration: 4 week workshop

Start Date: Sat, Sept 19th and weekly there after for the remaining 3 weeks

Time: 11:00am

Platform: Zoom

Facilitator: Trish Coole, Coole Balance, Perth, Austrailia




Ceremony allows us to acknowledge a transition or a rite of passage, gives us the opportunity to look at various aspects of our lives and receive clarity or it can be for us to connect with Mother Earth and be at one with her healing energy.


In this 4 week course we will:


• Discover what Ceremony is and how we can use it in our lives

• Explore the energies of the different Phases of the Moon

• Traverse the Directions of the Native American Medicine Wheel during the Moon Phases

• Work with the Four Seasons

• Look at the Realms of Air, Earth, Fire, Water

• Explore the different tools to use for Ceremony

• Learn how to create and use Altars

• Create Ceremony for each Phase of the Moon


This is a perfect opportunity to learn how to bring ceremony into your everyday lives. Each week there will be a recorded Zoom call, which will be 60 - 90 minutes long. You will receive worksheets each week to support you during the course


There will also be a private Face Book page, where you will be able to ask questions, watch the recorded Zoom call and enjoy the combined energy of the group.


About Trish:
Having been in the healing and metaphysical space for over 20 years Trish has been able to fine-tune her skills to be able to support people through the healing process, She is a certified Mindset and Law of Attraction coach, and may also use other tools including, Tapping, Sound, Crystals, Meditation, Essential Oils and Ceremony during her sessions and classes.


She holds a safe space for change to happen and guides you so that you can see issues from a different perspective, clear resistance, old woundings and any blocks that don’t honour you any more and then gain clarity for your life path.


This is about helping you to find your power and to learn to harmonise with your true energy, which then helps you to create a fulfilled and purposeful life.



Power of Ceremony 4 Part Series


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