Offering : Somatic Movement Education Online Course - Learn at home at our own pace. 


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For incredible value, you received 8 recorded classes with Somatic Movement Educator & Therapist Georgina Brennan, you will receive one per week to explore and learn at your own pace at home.


Movement is for everyone to celebrate.


Somatic Movement Education is specifically designed to reduce the accumulation of habituated muscular contractions caused by our body and mind response to daily stressors and traumas.

The exercises are not ‘physical’ exercise but ‘SOMATIC EXERCISE’.


3 reflexes we experience and inquire into on this course

  • Withdrawal
  • Action
  • Injury ( this includes response to surgery)


When our reflexes are being continually triggered, we eventually lose voluntary control over certain muscle groups, losing our ability to move about freely with ease and comfort, causing stiffness, soreness, restricted range of movement.


This course brings to you an opportunity to re-train, re-establish and maintain control of specific muscle groups. Understanding your brain and body and how they are effected by Stress and Trauma.


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Somatic Movement Course - Learn at Home at Your Own Pace


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